What is the best way to get a mentor or a life coach in India?

What is the best way to get a mentor or a life coach in India?

Aug, 3 2023

Written by : Aarav Chatterjee

Embarking on the Quest for a Mentor

So, where does the journey to the best mentor in India truly begin? Well, folks, like all great adventures, it begins in the mind. The first step is having the clarity of purpose about what you want to achieve in your life and acknowledging that you might need guidance to get there. Imagine strolling across beautiful fields with a convoluted map, a trusty compass, but no clue where you're heading. That's exactly how it feels without clear objectives. So, paint a vivid mental picture of your goals. Meet my Beagle, Biscuit. He's a fantastic digger; every time he goes on a digging spree in our backyard, he knows exactly what he wants - to unearth some hidden treasure, be it a bone or a stray toy. Be like Biscuit; know what you're digging for in your life. Interesting fact: Mentors are more likely to invest time in mentees who exhibit clear goals and commitment.

Build a Network and Fuel Connections

Now comes the challenge of starting the search for the best mentor or life coach in India. Imagine peering through a telescope into an ever-expanding universe, full of stars, galaxies, black holes, and cosmic dust. The Indian mentorship landscape is just as diverse and vast, with a pool of talented individuals specializing in various fields. Building a robust network is essential. Go out there, meet people, attend seminars, workshops, and webinars. Much like a cosmic adventure, you never know where you might find the right mentor. Tip: LinkedIn can also be a treasure trove for prospective mentors. Let's take our dear Biscuit again, who by the way, has no qualms in socializing with the gulls on Bondi Beach. Though they peck at him playfully, he still approaches them with wagging tails each day, showcasing his willingness to connect. Network like Biscuit, folks. It's all about building relationships!

Take the Plunge and Initiate the Conversation

Once you identify potential mentors, it's time to approach them. Now, here's where most people stumble. Surely, initiating the conversation can be just as terrifying as bungee jumping off Blue Mountains National Park. But believe me, folks, the moment your feet leave solid ground, it's pure excitement. The same concept applies here. Approach them with confidence, express your admiration for their work, and politely request their mentorship. Remember, it's okay to face rejections or no responses. This part of the process is a lot like surfing in Sydney's Bondi Beach. You might fall off your surfboard several times, but the key lies in getting back up and riding the waves again. Persevere, brew conversations, and most importantly, maintain an open mind.

Seal the Deal – Establishing a Mentoring Relationship

Okay! You've found a willing mentor. What’s next? Now is when you need to establish the boundaries, set clear expectations and modes of communication. A successful mentoring relationship, like any good curry, depends largely on its ingredients, in this case, mutual understanding, respect, trust and honesty. Ensure that both parties are on the same page, much like singing the Australian Christmas carol in perfect sync with your mates. Discuss your goals, areas you need help with, style of constructive criticism you would prefer, frequency of meetings and so forth. Fun fact: Research suggests that clear communication in mentoring relationships results in more successful outcomes for the mentee.

Fostering the Mentor-Mentee Bond

The initial meetings are bound to be intense, possibly as intense as being on a roller coaster ride at Luna Park. Nonetheless, remember these sessions form the foundation for your mentor-mentee bond. Always come prepared, respect your mentor's time, and be receptive to feedback. Trust me guys, communication is as vital here, as sunscreen on a hot summer day in Sydney. Also remember that this relationship is not just a give-and-take affair. Engage in fruitful discussions, share your experiences and progress, and provide them with any resourceful inputs you can. Let them know their investment in you is worthy, much like Biscuit does when he fetches the Frisbee impeccably each time I throw it. Believe me when I say, a satisfied wagging tail at the end of a game of fetch and a gratified mentor at the end of a mentorship session are incidents of equal joy.

A Personal Story: My Tryst with Mentorship in India

Now you might wonder if Aarav has ever had a mentor. Well, during my early blogging days, I was struggling with content creation and audience engagement. That's when I connected with a highly experienced blogger from Mumbai, Rajat, through a common friend. The connection with Rajat deepened over shared interests and he later agreed to guide me. Our relationship was as fruitful as a cherry blossom tree in spring. He helped me realize my potential, enhance my writing skills and develop a unique blogging style. I’m even using a few of his techniques right now. Moral of the story: Don’t shy away from seeking guidance. It can do wonders!

There you have it, folks! So venture out into the world boldly, believe in the process and you will definitely find the best mentor or life coach in India. Who knows, you might end up meeting them in the most unexpected places or circumstances! Remember, every Biscuit needs a good fetch trainer to become a fetching champion, every Aarav needs a Rajat to excel in blogging - so look out for that guiding star that's meant for you. Happy Hunting!

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