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A1. How do I register on multiinfomatrimony.com?
Registering on multiinfomatrimony.com is simple. Comprehensive information of the person intending to get married is entered during the registration. The user can enter all information at one go, or choose to add a complete the profile time.

A2. Who should register on multiinfomatrimony.com?
Any person of legal age who intends to find a life partner can register. The profile can be posted by the person intending to get married, his/her parents, relatives or friends.

A3. Is registering profile on the site free?
No, you can enter your profile on the site completely not free. First you can also add your personal information, education, professional, horoscope and family information, then you have choose packages and proceed payment gateway.

A4. Why should I register on multiinfomatrimony.com?
MIS an exclusive online platform for Tamil people to meet prospective life partners. When you register on the site, your profile gets searched by thousands of members of the site. You can receive messages from interested members, and can send interests to them. You can also request for photos, family and horoscopes.

A5. Can I use multiinfomatrimony.com without registering on the site?
You can use multiinfomatrimony.com to search through thousands of profiles for your prospective partner. You can view complete profiles of members too as a guest user. You can access complete resources on planning a wedding, post wedding and special features as a guest user.

A6. Should I complete the long forms on registration for being a member of the site?
The registration forms on multiinfomatrimony.com is designed to include all important information about the person intending to get married which can be of interest to a prospective partner. That is one of the inherent advantages of being online. Members can know your personal and personality profile before they initiate contact. But you can opt to add details on your profile as and when you have time. You can complete the registration very fast by keying in just the mandatory fields, which have an asterisk sign.

A7. Why should I give my email ID and contact details when I am registering on ultiinfomatrimonial.com?
The email ID that you specify is the one on which MIS will send you all communication from prospective partners. You can receive match watch mails and mail received alerts on your inbox. This email ID will not shared with anyone.The contact details that you provide will be shared only with subscribers to the site who are interested in your profile as a prospective partner. This will help to speed up contact especially for members who do not use online as a primary medium for communication. However you can choose to hide your contact details to members and send this only to those who have accepted your contact info requests.

A8. What do I do if I need to add more info than what is requested in the registration form?
We suggest that you add such specific information in the About Myself column. This field is designed to showcase who you are. But if you find for example that the caste that you belong to is not listed on the form, you can use the ‘Others’ feature. Meanwhile, you can send a request to us on [email protected] for addition of more options on all fields.

A9. What do I do if I don’t find an option relevant to me on any drop down?
We suggest that you use the ‘Others’ option that is provided on most of the fields. If you think that the category is critical to be listed, please mail us on . We shall respond to you on whether we can include the same.

A10. How do I add photos on the site?
You can add upto 3 photos with your profile. You can add your primary photo along with the registration form. You can add additional photos by using the link edit my profile in your MY ACCOUNTS Page. A profile with photos generates more interest and increases your chances of getting contacted. However, you can also set a password to hide your photos.

A11. How do I add Horoscopes with my profile?
You can upload your horoscope to your profile by using the link on Edit my profile. You can also choose to generate your horoscope free of cost on the site by entering the required fields on the Astroprofile tab during the registration process.

A12. What do I enter in the field About Me?
The About Me field is where you can enter a description of yourself. Most members who view your profile get a picture of you based on what you enter here. You can add what kind of a person you are, job profile and interests and personality details etc. here. All content in this space is screened for objectionable matter. Please do not enter contact details in this space to avoid the entries being rejected.

A13. What do I enter in the field About my family?
The About my Family field helps you write about your family, what kind of family you are, members, family values etc. All content in this space is screened for objectionable matter. Please do not enter contact details in this space to avoid the entries being rejected.

Managing Profiles

B1. How do I log on to multiinfomatrimony.com?
You can log on to multiinfomatrimony.com using your Member ID and password. If you forget your password, you can click on the link and you will be guided on the procedure to retrieve the password. You can also change your password using the link on My Accounts Page.

B2. What is my Profile ID?
The profile ID is a unique number that is attached to your profile. This number will be displayed against your profile whenever it is viewed. The number can be entered in the search option -Search profile by ID, to find the profile you want.

B3. How do I logout from multiinfomatrimony.com?
You can use the button on the top right hand corner to log out of multiinfomatrimony.com. It is important that you do so. The special privileges that you have can be misused by someone else if you do not log out.

B4. How can I change the information I submitted at registration?
You can change information added at registration by clicking the Edit my Profile feature on your MY ACCOUNT Page.

B5. Can I change my password that I have submitted at Registration?
You can do that by logging on to the site and using the link on My Account page.

B6. Can I hide my profile temporarily?
You can hide your profile from being viewed by other members by using the hide my profile feature in the My Accounts page.

B7. Why can’t I view all the information that I have entered on my profile?
Many of the fields on which you have provided information are screened for objectionable content. This may pertain to specific commercial uses; comments that hurt religious and social sentiments, obscene matter and contact information entered in fields other than those specified for it.


C1. How do I search for my partner on multiinfomatrimony.com?
You can search for your partner on multiinfomatrimony.com using the simple search. You can also use the advanced search to broaden the search criteria. The search results can be further filtered by education and occupation.

C2. What are the other search options I have on multiinfomatrimony.com?
You can add as many parameters or filters as you can when you search on multiinfomatrimony.com. You can define your search on Location, Profession, Personality etc.

C3. Can I save my search results?
You can use the Favorites feature to save profiles to your list. You can also add specific comments to the favorites, the icon and comment will be displayed by the side of the profile when you see this in future.

C4. What are new matches that I see displayed in My accounts page?
The new matches is a free service provided by multiinfomatrimony.com to identify profiles that best match your requirements. The new match service is based on partner profiles.

C5. What is my Match Watch?
The Match Watch service is a helpful and powerful tool from multiinfomatrimony.com that brings you matching profiles based on new members who have registered with the site. It’s a periodic mail that is sent to members.

C6. Where can I find my previous matches from Match Watch?
You can locate the previous match watch profiles in the Archives section on your My Account Page.

C7. How do I know if other visitors have viewed my profile?
You can keep track of your profile views in your my Account Page.

C8. What do I do if I am getting match watch profiles which don’t fit in with my criteria?
Please check the information that you have provided on your Partner profile. If this is too broad, then you may get a lot of response that does not specifically match your requirements. On the other hand, if you have defined it too narrow, you may miss out on prospective partners.

C9. How can I retrieve profiles that I have marked as a Favorite?
You can find the link to favorites on your my Account page. The link gives you the complete profiles of all members you have marked as a Favorite.


D1. What are the attachments that I can include in my Profile?
You can have a host of valuable attachments with your profiles. These are photos, videos, horoscopes and a never before new feature, your personal blog.

D2. Why should I include my photo with the profile?
Adding your photo to your profile would typically increase response to your profile. You can add upto three photos.

D3. How can I add photos to my profile?
You can add one photo to your profile as soon as you register your profile. You can add additional photos by using the Edit my profile option in your my Account Page.

D4 How do ensure safety for my photos?
You can choose to password protect your photos. You can send the password on a request based on your approval of the member who sends the request.

D5. Can I change the photos that I have uploaded?
You can change the photos you have attached by using the link on Edit my profile page.

D6. How can I add a horoscope with my photo?
You can add a horoscope to your photo by using the link on Edit my profile page. You can also generate a horoscope free either at registration or later by giving the essential information on the Astropage.

D7. Can I protect my Horoscope?
You can choose to password protect your horoscope. You can send the password on a request based on your approval of the member who sends the request.

D8. How can I add a video file to my profile?
You can upload a video file along with your profile. You can use the link on Edit my profile for the same.

D9. How do I protect my video?
You can choose to password protect your video. You can send the password on a request based on your approval of the member who sends the request.

D8. What is the blog feature that can be added to my profile?
The blog feature is a unique function created by multiinfomatrimony.com for its members. Users can post blog entries from the Edit my profile page. Members who view your profile can view these blog entries.

D9. What is the advantage of adding a blog with your profile?
multiinfomatrimony.com understands that the members of the site would prefer to know prospective partners well before they initiate communication. The profile section on the site is fairly comprehensive. What a prospective bride/groom thinks is as important as what he/she is. The blogs give an insight into your persona that is unmatched. You can know the person best on what they choose to blog.

D10. Are entries on blogs screened?
All blog entries are screened by the multiinfomatrimony.com to ensure that it does not violate any site policies. Blog entries for example cannot have contact details like address, phone number and email. Obscene matter will not be approved, as well as content that is considered inflammatory. Blog entries with commercial motives will not be approved.

D11. Are the attachments with the profile validated?
All attachments are screened manually before they are updated. This may be a reason why you can’t view uploads immediately. Please avoid objectionable content in your attachments. Please refer to our terms of use for pointers on what is objectionable.

D12. Why can’t I view my attachments immediately?
All attachments are screened manually before they are updated. This may be a reason why you can’t view uploads immediately. Please avoid objectionable content in your attachments. Please refer to our terms of use for pointers on what is objectionable.

D13. What is the Match Watch feature?
The Match Watch service is a helpful and powerful tool from multiinfomatrimony.com that brings you matching profiles based on new members who have registered with the site. It’s a periodic mail that is sent to members.

D14. What is the Express Interest Feature?
The express interest feature allows you to express your interest in the profile that you are viewing. You can send this if you are a registered member of the site. The member can then accept or reject the interest based on their interests. Similarly, other members can send you messages that you can choose to accept or reject. This is a free communication built in on multiinfomatrimony.com for all registered users. You can choose the message you want to send and then forward that to the member. Your my Account page has a list of interests that were sent by you and their status, whether it has been accepted or rejected, or whether the interest is pending (which means you are yet to take an action on the interest). The page also has a list of interests sent by you, and whether the user has accepted, rejected the interest or whether it is still pending action (which means the user has not yet acted on the interest).

D15. What are personal mails?
Subscribers to multiinfomatrimony.com have a special privilege of sending personalised communication to other members. These mails can have your details as well as any content that you may need to discuss with other members. You can track your messages sent and received in your my Accounts page.

D16. What are Horoscope requests?
Members can choose to protect their Horoscopes with a password. You can choose to send other members a request for the horoscope that they can accept or reject. If the user accepts your request, you will be sent a password with which you can view the horoscope.

D17. What are photo requests?
Members can choose to protect their Photos with a password. You can choose to send them a request for the photo that they can accept or reject. If the user accepts your request, you will be sent a password with which you can view the photo(s).

D18. What are Video requests?
Members can choose to protect their Video with a password. You can choose to send them a request for the video, which they can accept or reject. If the user accepts your request, you will be sent a password with which you can view the video.

D19. What are filters?
You can set filters on the type of people who may send interests to you. Setting too many filters may lower the response rate for your profile. You may choose this feature only if you are very sure that you want response only from a very defined community.

D20. What is Astromatch?
Astromatch is a premium service offered by multiinfomatrimony.com. The Astro match is a paid service that members can subscribe to. The Astromatch offers users the advantage of matching profiles online. Astromatch can be done on any two profiles for which horoscopes are generated on multiinfomatrimony.com. Astro match cannot be done if any of the profiles do not have horoscopes or if any has an attached image file as a horoscope. Horoscopes can be generated free with all profiles. To use astromatch, please subscribe to the service by using this link…….

D21. How do I match profiles with Astromatch?
To use Astromatch, you need to subscribe to the service. Once you have, you just have to enter the profile id of the profile with which you would like to check your astro compatibility. The match report is generated immediately.

D22. What is match history?
Match History chronicles all matching profiles that MIS has identified as fitting in with your criteria.

D23. What are the formats in which I should upload my attachments?
For photos, you can upload files upto 2 MB, in either of these formats: jpg, gif or bmp.
For videos, You can upload files upto 10 MB, in either of these formats: wmv, mpeg.
For Horoscope files you can upload files upto 2 MB, either as a jpg, gif or bmp.


E1. How do I contact members on multiinfomatrimony.com?
To contact members on multiinfomatrimony.com you need to be a registered user of the site. As a registered user you can express interest in a profile by clicking on the option along with the detailed profile of a member. You can also send personalised mails or initiate chat with a member if you are a subscriber.

E2. What are accept and reject interests?
When you receive an interest from a member on multiinfomatrimony.com, you can choose the action you want to take based on your interest in the member. When you accept the interest it implies that you are open to further communication from the member. You can also choose to reject the interest if you are not interested in the member. You can send an interest to a rejected member if you change your mind later.

E3. Where do I find interests sent to me?
You can track your entire communication at your personal My Accounts page. This page has your interests/mails/requests sent/received etc. When you log in to the site, this is the page you are taken to.

E4. How does the My Account page help me manage my membership on multiinfomatrimony.com?
The my account page is your personal dashboard of activity on multiinfomatrimony.com. You can track your communication to and from members on this page. This page also help you manage your subscription. You can also edit profile features from the page. Your new matches are also displayed on the same page. This is the default page you are taken to, when you log on to multiinfomatrimony.com.

E5. Can I write personalised messages to any members?
If you are a subscriber to the site you can write a personalised message to any member regardless of whether he/she is a registered user or a subscriber to the site.

E6. Can members respond to me if they are not subscribers to the site?
All registered users can respond to personalised messages from subscribers, irrespective of whether they are registered members or subscribed members.

E7. Can multiinfomatrimony.com customer support help me contact a member on the site?
multiinfomatrimony.com offline customer assistance centres help members who are not regularly online to manage their subscriptions. If you are a subscriber of the site, you can choose to contact any of our offices to seek assistance in managing your account.

E8. How do I know when a member contacts me?
multiinfomatrimony.com has a great tool to let members know when they have received an interest/message/request or a reply to interests/messages/requests sent to them. This is immediately intimated to the member through mail. This information is also immediately available in your My Account page.


F1. What are the various types of memberships on multiinfomatrimony.com?
All members who have their profiles on multiinfomatrimony.com are registered members of the site. They can post and view complete profiles. Subscriptions to multiinfomatrimony.com brings its own special privileges like access to chat, contact details and sending personalised messages. The subscriptions on multiinfomatrimony.com allow the user to receive complete matrimonial services that is a combination of online access, print advertising in the matrimonial pages of the newspaper as well as the Astropack.

F2. What are the subscriptions offered on multiinfomatrimony.com?

There are five packages currently offered to members on multiinfomatrimony.com. Each package can be accessed for four different timeframes- two months, five months, eight months and One year. The Silver package has access to all premium site features including access to contact information of members, ability to initiate chat and to send personal mail. The Gold package has access to premium features on the site as well as gives you the powerful advantage of placing a matrimonial ad in the MIS other networking website to be published in all editions within India and editions in the Middle East. The Platinum package offers subscription to premium features on the website and offers an Astropack along with it. The Astropack is an online horoscope-matching feature that is very useful to members who prefer a horoscope match.

F3. How do I decide which membership is best for me?
You can choose a membership package that is best suited to your needs by comparing the features available in various membership types. To compare memberships, click here.

F4. How can I renew/upgrade memberships?
You can choose to upgrade membership by clicking on Membership from the My Account page. You can renew your current membership only a couple of weeks from the time of expiry of the current one.

F5. How do I pay for Subscriptions?
You can pay for your subscriptions online through:
Credit Cards
You can choose to pay by cash at any of our offline support centres (to find centres)

F6. Is my credit card payment on multiinfomatrimony.com secure?
Yes, your credit card information on multiinfomatrimony.com is perfectly secure. We have an encryption software that prevents misuse of the information. This encrypted information is passed on the payment gateway. Credit card info is entered only on the Verisign Certified secure server. 128 bit SSL encryption deployed. We can process Visa and MasterCard credit cards issued around the globe. Real time authorization happens to the information. For extra level of protection, our payment gateway also supports "Verified by VISA" and "MasterCard Secure Code" services.

F7. What type of credit cards are processed on multiinfomatrimony.com?
Visa and master card credit cards issued across the globe are process on multiinfomatrimony.com

F8. How soon will my membership be processed when I make payment?
Your subscription is activated immediately when you make online payment.

F9. What is the refund policy of multiinfomatrimony.com?
You can start enjoying the benefits of a subscription immediately on making payment, hence generally payment once made is not refunded. Any exceptions to this rule are generally at the prerogative of the company.

multiinfomatrimony.com Wedding features

G1. What are the additional features on multiinfomatrimony.com?
multiinfomatrimony.com Wedding Planning offers you exclusive content on latest wedding, jewellery and fashion trends, beauty and health care. The Post Wedding features helps you with finances, planning honeymoon and travel etc. The special features include Ask an expert feature, directory of services and a section on legal issues. You can also create a wedding invite online and send it to your guests. You can narrate your wedding story by uploading photos, videos and audio files on multiinfomatrimony.com. You can also post your success story on multiinfomatrimony.com when you find a partner on the site.

G2. How do I let multiinfomatrimony.com know if I find a partner on the site?
multiinfomatrimony.com would really welcome your story when you find a partner on the site. We shall share this information to all the members through the Success Stories feature. You can submit your success story here, you can view all success stories on the relevant section (link)

G3. What is the wedding story on multiinfomatrimony.com?
You can post your wedding story on multiinfomatrimony.com by this feature. This is a free service offered to all members. You can post your engagement, ceremony, reception stories and manage photo albums for each on the site. In case you prefer to restrict access to the site, you can set a password to the story.

G6. What is the newsletter that members receive?
The updated contents on the pre wedding, post wedding and special features section of multiinfomatrimony.com are intimated to members by this special newsletter.

G8. What is the Blog feature on multiinfomatrimony.com?
The Blog Page features all the blog entries made by multiinfomatrimony.com members on various matrimonial related categories. This is a dynamic and interesting section, be sure to check this out periodically for interesting posts from users.

Privacy Concerns

H1. How do I ensure that my profile is safeguarded on multiinfomatrimony.com?
multiinfomatrimony.com tries to protect the users’ privacy at every stage. You can choose to provide as much or as little information on MIS as you choose. You can choose not to enter personal information like your name on the site. You can put a dummy name or NA on the field if you choose to.
You have options to set passwords for your contact information, photos, videos, horoscopes and audio files. You can approve a request before the information is send to other members.
All images and video files are also watermarked to prevent misuse.
This feature is available to all members regardless to whether they are free users of the site or subscribers.

H2. How do I report if I get unwanted messages from any members?
You can choose to ignore members who send unwanted messages. You can also report abuse/obscene content sent by any member by forwarding the same to [email protected]. We will look into the matter immediately.

H3. What do I do if I see any objectionable content on the site?
multiinfomatrimony.com manually screens all text entries and images to ensure that objectionable matter does not appear on the site. Just in case it has slipped our notice, please send a mail with the problem to [email protected].

H4. How can I send in my suggestions for site improvement?
multiinfomatrimony.com is dedicated to create the most comprehensive platform for Malayalees to meet online for matrimonial purposes. It is your suggestion and support that shall enable us to do so. Please mail your comments/suggestions to . We shall revert to you on the same.

H5. How sure can I be of information entered in profiles on multiinfomatrimony.com?
multiinfomatrimony.com does not offer a profile validation service currently. The user posts the information on the profiles and members are advised due diligence on all profiles before they proceed further. Please report any issues that you have in this regard on

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